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Situational Awareness 

Situational Awareness 

I just can't leave the popular quote alone. Ugh. Folks "situational awareness" or some similar phrase makes it all sound way too easy. It's never easy. Never. 

To a great extent it can't make the victim feel like it was their fault. Why? Because you should have noticed the bad guy behind you; should have noticed the guy who appeared harmless; should have noticed the guy hiding in the bushes or behind that parked car; and on and on. It can easily begin to shift the blame to the victim, even if it's just in their mind. Stop with this stuff. 

You can notice the bad stuff, have "that feeling" and start walking in another direction and guess what? He starts following you, chasing you and now the fight is on. It didn't stop jack squat. That's reality. 

I know that people mean well but situational awareness is not the end all or "savior" during any assaults. It just isn't. 


I have to do this every so often to maintain my own sanity. That being, to expose a few falsehoods here and there. 

Situational awareness and avoidance, you have heard those very words from us too but..we tend to complicate things just a little, make it more realistic. Because we all have read, heard about it, numerous times by now. About how 80-90% of self defense is avoiding and being aware of potential bad situations. Eh...not so fast. If it sounds too easy, it not that realistic. 

You can be walking down the street and notice some guy who gives off the bad vibes. Your instincts tell you to cross the road and keep walking where you are going. Nice and easy, right? What if he waits until you're almost straight across from him and he sprints across the street and is now standing in front of you? Or worst case, he waits until you pass on by, then crosses the street and grabs ya from behind or knocks you down? 

All of a sudden the idea of "Hey! I saw him and avoided it like they said! Why is he now in front of me or grabbing me from behind??" Didn't work as well as it is advertised did it? Which again is part of the problem. It's made to sound perfect and gonna save the day for you. 

I have mentioned before that in a home situation where a neighbor comes over, been to the house numerous times, friends with him and then it happens. He turns into your worst nightmare. Tell me how situational aware and avoiding you will be with somebody you essentially trust. I'll wait for that answer. 

It's all far from reality. It sounds good, easy to promote and encourage, but at the end of the day it's not the end all strategy or remedy as it is advertised. Not even close. 

For me personally, I can easily see how this can create more victims and more survivors. Once more, because of how avoiding and situational awareness is packaged and sold as the cure. When it's not. 

The solution? Learn how to fight, for when you might need it. One of those "break glass in case of emergency" things. You know when and where we are at, or we come to you. 

Stay safe!

Hit and run away 

Turn and run away

A topic on my mind today. That being the constant thing I hear or see concerning do this or that technique and run away. 

Not getting into what if you can't run, spoke about that several times. This is another perspective. Guess what happens when you run away? What if the attacker is not disabled and decides to come after you again? 

Well to run away means you turn your back to the attacker, now he's behind you, maybe chasing you and definitely now in your blind spot. Unless you have eyes in the back of your head. Add in a knife or some other weapon into this and now he's behind you, in your blind spot and armed. Thats not good. 

Leave the attacker laying to the point that you know that he's not getting up. All this other talk of do this or that and run will get you hurt or worse. I've said this numerous times in class and here it comes again - If it sounds too easy, it's not reality and not going to work too well. 

Stay safe



How does one get better at this stuff? 

Over the years, I don't recall ever seeing or hearing of a smaller person attacking a bigger person. Trust me, even a smaller guy who might not weigh too much, he can carry a lot of aggression and violence. But generally the criminal types don't pick out the people who are bigger than them or appear like they might give the morons a difficult time. They target those who appear weaker, and these guys can have the perception of women automatically being weaker. And if the drive is to commit sexual violence, it doesn't matter if you're a larger person or skinny, if they are committed to the attack, it's game on. Because again, predators see all women as weaker than them. Make sure these guys learn a difficult and very painful lesson. 

So, if you practice at home which I hope that you do, safely practice with more and more resistance from the "attacker". Especially with a guy who is bigger and stronger. 

Stay safe